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Tuesday May 20

3pm EST, 7pm GMT, 10pm Doha, Thursday 5am Melbourne
  1. Final video submission
  2. Judges and judging - updates re wiki awards - Meeting Thursday w/ Judges.
  3. Awards ceremony - June 3rd?
  4. Student and teacher summits - Have entered Madeline's, Julie's & Vicki's - Vicki held today
  5. post project surveys and reflections - Students complete surveys, teachers please post reflections
  6. Express interest for the future.

Past Meetings

Wednesday May 14

3pm EST, 7pm GMT, 10pm Doha, Thursday 5am Melbourne
  1. Outsourced video update
  2. Final video production: timeline and issues - Creative Commons info
  3. Judging - a review of procedure
  4. Awards - review and final list
  5. Awards ceremony - date/time/program
  6. Student Summit schedule
  7. Teacher Summit

Wednesday May 7

8am EST, 12midday GMT, 3pm Doha, 9pm Japan, 10pm Melbourne/Sydney
  1. Teams and PMs and Assistant PM updates
  2. Outsourced videos
  3. Video production and review of procedures
  4. Peer review / sounding board update
  5. Judging and deadlines for video uploading
  6. Deadlines for wiki editing
  7. Thinking about Student Summits
  8. Are we at the end yet ????
  9. Report from teachers

Wednesday April 30

4pm EST, 8pm GMT, 11pm Doha, 6am Thursday May 1 East coast Australia
  1. Teacher engagement and wiki editing
  2. Teacher feedback
  3. Outsourced video and Video Specifications including requirements for exchanging files online (new method!!)
  4. Project timeline review
  5. Peer review
  6. Expert advisors>
  7. Judges and judging and Rubrics finalised
  8. Teacher individual updates
  9. Other concerns...... (PM sample reports and posting on Ning)

Tuesday April 22/Wednesday April 23

Teacher meeting scheduled for 10pm EDT (Tuesday), 2am GMT (Wednesday), 5am Doha, 11am Japan, 1pm Sydney/Melbourne


  1. Rubrics
  2. Wiki editing update
  3. Online behaviour/digital citizenship update
  4. Deadlines for requesting outsourced video and wiki page for outsourced clip requests
  5. Update on video method for uploading and embedding in wiki - use of the Ning
  6. Peer review schedule
  7. Teacher and classroom individual updates
  8. Other concerns/updates? (judges and expert advisers....more needed)

Tuesday, April 15

Teacher meeting scheduled for 3:00 pm EDT, 7:00 pm GMT


  1. Surveys released - how to do that. - Vicki
  2. Appropriate behavior on the Ning -- reporting & what to do when there are issues
  3. Timeline - Julie
    • Video Submission
    • Student Summits - you schedule on airset
    • Teacher Summits
    • Type in your last day of school
    • Judging
  4. Recruit Judges & Experts & Sounding Boards
  5. Keynote - Vicki
    • How to tag to be on the keynote page
  6. Press Release Available
  7. What we should be doing THIS WEEK!
  8. Editing the wikis - nominating a lead editor and others
  9. Question from Chris in Japan re sub-headings on wiki
  10. Rubrics - objectives and timeline

Monday, April 7

Teacher meeting scheduled for 3:30 pm EDT, 7:30 pm GMT

  1. Presurveys
  2. Any template issues?
  3. Helping students set up their PLN
  4. Approval on press release? http://horizonproject2008.wikispaces.com/Press_Release>
  5. Keynote delivery & appropriate student response
  6. Each teacher review what they've done & ask questions

Monday March 31

Teacher meeting scheduled for 3pm EST, 7pm GMT.
Elluminate URL for meeting
  1. Teams: final list (please check with students), Madeline to do Grid view for last time
  2. Pre-Surveys?
  3. Templates: all posted to wiki pages, problems?
  4. Press release: http://horizonproject2008.wikispaces.com/Press_Release
  5. Expert advisers, sounding boards (peer reviewers)
  6. Judges and judging, student judges and voted award
  7. Instructions wiki and teacher contributions
  8. Timeline considerations

Wednesday March 26

Elluminate recording
  • Ning Safety -- What should be private?
  • Teams and PM's
  • Welcome Kyoto
  • Templates for main pages and sub-group pages
  • Still to do....press release (!), rubrics, areas of impact, instructions, map

Monday March 17

View the Elluminate //Live!// recording
Thanks everyone for being in the Elluminate room. Those who could not make it (Chris and Daniel form Japan etc) please listen to the recording.


  1. 'Paperwork' to be completed asap (from Getting started checklist!)
  2. Teams: determined this week.....more info and discussion
    • What is a project manager/ assistant project manager/ subgroup.
    • Project managers and AOI guidelines on Teams page
  3. Trends, metatrends and areas of impact clarification: see Instructions for students
  4. Ning and wiki membership update
  5. Templates to start wiki editing
  6. Volunteers
    Write information re Areas of Impact (ITGS teachers??) (PPT, video??)
    Write information re trends and metatrends to supplement Instructions wiki (more PPT?, video?)> Map??
    Press Release (for our blogs and more)
  7. Essential tools list:
    • Video - eg YouTube or TeacherTube??
    • Transferring files? (box.net, zamzar -- we do it through the teachers)

Monday March 10

View the Elluminate //Live!// recording: Recording done in Elluminate of teacher meeting. If you could not make the meeting we strongly suggest you review this.
  1. Brief Introductions
  2. Classroom info and clocks! clock website #1, Clock #2)
  3. Timeline (what to expect)
  4. Discussion of essential tools for communication: Google group (use this rather than email), airset (add ALL class times and holidays), ning, wiki, email
  5. HP Ning: What to expect and what to encourage - join students to Ning and create a class group (easier to communicate with your students if they join this), monitor comments of ALL students, use the Ning to find students/teachers and to make essential communications.
  6. HP Wiki: Join students, use for communication with team members on topics only...all other communication goes on the Ning.
  7. Discussion of Teams (see draft below) - we have approximately 226 students (see classrooms). -- The horizon trend reports on the left represent the 13 major wiki teams (17-18 per major team) and the areas of impact depict the areas for intense investigation and topic for video artifact representing 52 subgroups with 4-5 students per team. We will discuss in detail at the meeting on Monday and will record and send it to those who cannot attend for their feedback. If you wish to discuss this, use the discussion tab on this page.
  8. Time Zone page -- any volunteers or ideas of the best way to do this? (We've used worldclock before) -- each paste our own time on there -- we need to make sure we have the times right.
  9. Teams to be finalised by the end of this week. Everyone to add student names (first name and initial) to Google doc. Invitation has already been sent out.

Before the Meeting

Review the Getting Started Checklist and complete as many items as possible.