Horizon Project 2008: Let's Get Started!

A guide for students

Welcome to the Horizon Project 2008. This wiki page is mainly for students to help you get started and to use as a quick reference page for the actual research work needed to 'survive' the project.
This project is based on the Horizon Report 2008, a collaboration between The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative.

A Trip to the Future!

This project is a trip to the future where we envision, create, and discuss what this future will look like.
In the words of Alan Kay (computer scientist), "The best way to predict the future is to invent it".

Your challenge is to investigate, research, discuss, analyse and evaluate one of the six trends or seven meta trends in terms of concepts and developments. Then, in collaboration with your team members, create a wiki page to show what YOU have found out about the trends and what YOU think the future holds for us all with the application of technology. You also need to create a short piece of multimedia, part of which will be 'outsourced' to one or more of your team members (eg a short video clip, an image, an audio file)


Make sure you have a copy of the Horizon Report 2008. Check with your teacher and confirm which team you are on. This determines which trend or metatrend and area of impact you will be researching and responding to.

Thanks to Bo Chamberlain for this PPT


Listen to a description of each trend:




You will have the opportunity to analyse the trends or metatrends in these areas of impact:


Make sure you can use Delicious and understand the tagging standards.
See our own wiki on Tagging Standards for a quick reference.
All Horizon Project 2008 bookmarks tagged items http://del.icio.us/tag/hz08

Example: Things that are tagged hz08 and also video will go to the link below -- DO NOT use the + -- that is the symbol that del.icio.us uses to mean AND -- so you'll have hz08 video in the tags -- if you want to also send it to your subgroup, use your subgroup tag below also.


If you wish to "send" your link to a specific subgroup (like your own), you may also add one other tag to it (note that the + means space).