The Horizon Project information session will be held (and recorded) on Wednesday, February 6th at 3 pm EST in elluminate. If you are unable to attend, please listen to the recording. If you are tentatively interested in this project, please include your information below.

Session Link

The recording of the information session held in Elluminate on February 6 can be downloaded here.
To view the recording, click the link below:
View the Elluminate Live! recording

Confirmed participants

Qatar Academy, Julie Lindsay
Westwood Schools, 10th grade, Computer Science - 24 students - Vicki Davis
St Joseph's College, Gary Evans/Judy O'Connell, Year 10 Computer Studies
Baccalaureate School for Global Education, New York City, NY, USA, Year 11 Information Technology in a Global Society

Interested Classes

The Illawarra Grammar School, Wollongong NSW, Australia, a mix of Year 8-11 students - Steve Madsen -
Feb 15: Plan B has not panned out because several students are involved in a separate online project and it is impossible to get them to meet outside of the normal timetable. I will NOT be able to participate with a group of students at this time.

Brighton Teacher Center, Mike Maloy

4th Grade - Regular Ed. Portola Valley, California (San Francisco/Palo Alto/Stanford University area) Teacher - Marcia Barton