What are Expert Advisors?

We have a group of "experts" who have agreed to leave during project feedback for the teams during this project. We have two feedback periods: May 2-8 (leave a message for them) and May 9-15 (leave another message).
  • Each expert is asked to take at least two times to read and leave feedback on the main wiki page of the group on the discussion tab.
  • You may also join the group on the Ning and advise and give thoughts there as well.

Your job is to provide feedback and point out resources to the team. You are an "advisor." You may also choose to use delicious and the tagging standard for your group to help them. (Or you may join the horizon 2008 diigo groupfor our standard tag library -- but YOU must send your diigo bookmarks to delicious for this to work -- Learn how to do this.)

What profession should expert advisors be?

Any profession as long as it is somewhat related or you have an expertise in the topic. We welcome and appreciate business and industry in advising the groups.

How many experts are on this project?

We can take an unlimited number of "experts" but need at least one per group. Interaction with industry experts and advisors is an important skill that the students must learn.

How may I learn more about the topics?

Look at our Essential Resources page for more on the topic. Once the project has begun, you will begin to see the wiki pages below populated with information.

How much time will it take?

The time you spend is up to you -- we project that to leave two meaningful sets of comments that each set would take 30 minutes each -- thus probably about an hour. We have had outstanding experts, however, who follow the page via RSS and give more feedback spending no more than 2-3 hours the entire project.

How do I sign up?

  1. Click "Join this Space" in the top left corner of this page.
  2. As you put in your information, make sure that you complete the comment box with your name, location, and the group that you would like to join. (THis will send us your e-mail address and all information submitted is private.)
  3. Wait for approval - you will receive an e-mail noting your approval.
  4. Return to this page.
  5. Add your information to the topic of your choice (first to wiki it gets it! include a hyperlink to your bio)
  6. You may also want to join the Ning to get major announcements and join the group you are supporting!


Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis are co-coordinating this project. Vicki has assumed responsibility for coordinating expert involvement -- to contact her - you may leave a message on her page on the Ning -or privately leave her a message there as well.

List of Expert Advisors and Links to wikis

1. Grass Roots Video (GRV) - EXPERT - Schmuel Tennehaus

2. Collaboration Webs (CWeb) - Expert - Brandt Schneider

  • Subgroups:
    • CWeb Wiki A (Impact on education)
    • CWeb Wiki B (Impact on government, politics and employment)
    • CWeb Wiki C (Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure)
    • CWeb Wiki D (Impact on science and health)

3. Mobile Broadband (MBB) - Expert -

  • Subgroups:
    • MBB Wiki A (Impact on education)
    • MBB Wiki B (Impact on government, politics and employment)
    • MBB Wiki C (Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure)
    • MBB Wiki D (Impact on science and health)

4. Data Mashups (DM) - Expert - Robin Ellis

  • Subgroups:
    • DM Wiki A (Impact on education)
    • DM Wiki B (Impact on government, politics and employment)
    • DM Wiki C (Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure)
    • DM Wiki D (Impact on science and health)

5. Collective Intelligence (CInt) - Expert - Cyprien Lomas

6. Social Operating Systems (SOS) - Expert - Alan Levine, New Media Consortium

7. Human and Machine Communication (HMC) - Expert

8. Collective Sharing and Generation of Knowledge (CSGK) - Expert -- Stephanie Sandifer

9. Games as Pedagogical Platforms (GPP) - Expert - Karl Kapp

10. Computing in Three Dimensions (C3D) - Expert - Beth Ritter-Guth

11. Connecting People via the Network (CPN) - Jeff Utecht

12. Shifting of Content Production to Users (SCPU) - Expert- Jabiz Raisdana

13. Evolution of a Ubiquitous Platform (EUP) - Expert - Lucy Gray