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external image secondlife.JPGThroughout the years, technology has steadily advanced to the point where people are able to utilize their own personal computers to project 3D worlds that span more computer memory than ever thought possible. With these new technologies, we can look into the future and see the potential for changes in the political realm, changes in systems of education, changes in the way we view art, and changes in the way we look at science and health. Computing in the third dimension allows us to create and develop avatars and explore international worlds. Likewise, we can see new computer arts, entire worlds born from the minds of creative people. Projections of the human body on a computer, allows for people to learn about the body while not using a valuable cadaver. Our technologies are expanding our borders and our knowledge and capacity for information. Looking into the future, we can see our world changing into that revolving around computers, and other projections. A world in which we can walk to Big Ben (1), or to the ancient Mayan temples, will be a world in which our collective knowledge will be greatly enhanced. The advancement of further research and development in these fields will be critical to developments in the future, and ultimately the existence of humanity in general.

Project Manager Video

Title - 3D Computing; Project Manager
Video Number - 10.PM
Author - Lindsey C., United States, Sophomore
Contributor(s) -NONE
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Assistant Project Manager Video

Title - Computing in Three Dimensions; Assistant Project Manager
Video Number - 10.APM
Author - Jonathan C, GBA, Freshman
Contributor(s) - N/A
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Areas of Impact


Team Members: Masha P. (PLC), Dustin H (WHS), Yumi T (KGHS)
Subgroup Wiki

NMC Classroom in Second Life
NMC Classroom in Second Life
Computing in 3D effects older students more than the younger ones. The elementary would not be effected by 3D, unless they are being taught shapes, such as spheres and cubes. Middle school and High School will be impacted greatly when they take geometry. In that class they will have to learn how to find the area, permiter, volume, and surface area of all 3D shapes. If you take a computing class that deal with graphic design or movie making, you will have to learn how to create 3D figures and characters to make your movies. In college, if you major in Forensics, or computing majors, 3D will play a big role in your jobs. If you work in forensics, especially if you re-create crime scenes, you will have to create 3D images to play the rolls of your characters at the crime scene. You will also have to create the crime scene, which may consist of buildings, street lights, weapons, cars, tables, chairs, or many more things. 3D computing effects every age group of people whether we know it of not. Without 3D, we could not even watch television the same way it is today. 3D computing plays a huge roll in our everyday life. Education in the Third Dimension will be an important tool in the near future.

Education Subgroup Main Video

Title - 3D Computing for Education Video
Video Number - 10.A.1
Author - Dustin H, United States, Sophomore
Contributor(s) - NONE
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Title-Second Life in Japan
Video Number-10.A.2
Author-Yumi T,Japan,KyotoGakuen
Alternative Link to Video - Ning

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Government, Politics and Employment
Capitol Hill on Second Life
Capitol Hill on Second Life

Team Members: Zeena H (QA), Andrew A (WHS), Kaede (KGHS)
Subgroup Wiki

With the realization of 3d representations of lawmakers, the public may grow more keen to questioning their own governments. Instead of having to go through the process of emailing or writing to a senator, one merely would have to talk to an avatar of the representative utilizing something like Second Life. In addition, representatives would no longer have an excuse to not vote, as they could merely hook up to the internet and cast their vote. In addition, personal interviews would not be as necessary, especially in a world in which people can interact utilizing other 3d mediums.

Title - 3D worlds and Second Life
Video Number - 10.B.1
Author - Zeena H, Qatar, 2008
Contributor(s) - personal pictures
Alternate link to video: Ning

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Title - Campaigning in Second Life
Video Number - 10.B.2
Author - Kaede N, Japan, 2008
Contributor(s) -
Alternate link to video - Ning

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Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

Team Members: Iscia B (ASB), Katrina F (PLC), Christopher T (WHS), Chris G (GHS)
Subgroup Wiki

Bay Area Artquake! on Second Life
Bay Area Artquake! on Second Life

Artists may find this new 3d realm as an area of exploration. Second Life artists are starting to utilize the 3d medium to develop light shows, and interactive music videos. In addition, some may find that this 3d exploration can provide different avenues of travel, as more and more people are beginning to recreate cities, towns and villages, all in different time periods. This Third Dimension of exploration will help us develop a new type of art. We can see this new technology being utilized in the future in order to create worlds where the laws of physics don't apply, a world where magic is the true law. Sure they may not exist in the real world, but even then, this medium will be great to develop new styles of art.

Title - Computing in 3D, Arts, Entertainment and leisure
Video Number - 10.C.1
Author - Christopher T, WHS, Camilla, GA USA
Alternative link to video - Ning

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Science, Environment, and Health
Second Health
Second Health

Team Members: Vladimir D (VIS), Lee J (WHS), Marika M (GBA)
Subgroup Wiki

With the potential to create 3D representations of microbes and bodies, anatomy and biology can be taken to a whole new level. Instead of storing cadavers and animals, as well as the need for storing expensive microscopes, the potential for 3D imaging means that one could take a representation of a living organism and enlarge it, flip it over, and peer into it. Researchers in China are developing ways to peer directly into human organs in real time, and other researchers are developing 3d models of genetics on Second Life. The implications of this technology is enormous, in the sense that we will now have a way to truly visualize the abstract and learn about how to alter and manipulate our world. This new 3d Technology will have a lasting impact on the way we view medicine.

Title - Vrh
Video Number - 10.D.1
Author - Lee J, USA, 2008
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Title - Computing In Three Dimensions Science and Health
Video Number - 10.D.2
Author - Vladimir D
Short description - Use of 3D visualisation in engineering and health
Alternative Link to Video - Ning YouTube

Team Members

Project Manager: Lindsey C (7th WHS)
Assistant Project Manager: Jonathan C (GBA)
: Masha P. (PLC), Dustin H (WHS), Yumi T (KGHS)
Government Politics and Employment
: Zeena H (QA), Andrew A (WHS), Kaede N (KGHS)
Arts, Entertainment and Leisure
: Iscia B. (ASB), Katrina F (PLC), Christopher T (WHS), Chris G (GHS)
Science, Environment and Health
: Vladimir D (VIS),Lee J (WHS), Marika M (GBA)
Editor: Jonathan C (GBA) - American English


1 - "Hot Spots." Second Life Showcase. 2008. Linden Research. 18 May 2008 <>.</span>

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