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One Of Nature's Greatest Forces Is The Mind

Collective intelligence is evident in projects such as Wikipedia, blogging communities such as our class ITGS Blog, and webcast communities such as Teachers Teaching Teachers where people come together to share their research and experiences instantly online. In doing this they create a greater knowledge that was humanly impossible before Internet and Web 2.0. These communities know no distance and have no barriers as people unite and contribute from all over the globe. Psychologists have noted the differences of intelligences and it is interesting to see how they influence interaction (Gardner). When people with differing intelligences come together in the workplace, one complements the other. With collective intelligence everybody's contribution becomes exponentially compounded by the speed of communication and the sheer numbers of individuals from widely diverse locations. All are able to add to and improve upon previous work via new Web 2.0 tools such as wikis, blogs, tagging, commenting on images and videos.
collective intelligence used in business

Technology has been the catalyst for the immense dissemination of ideas. Clearly, with the 2008 election in the U.S., Americans are aware of the never ending contribution of thoughts and suggestions on what the U.S. really needs to succeed. Interestingly enough, more and more potential voters are parading their beliefs through the internet; on blogs, on their personal pages, on news websites, and through discussions they also create in their personal cyber-worlds [ex. IM, e-mail]. At the same time, all around the world, people are aware of how absolutely necessary opinions and arguments are for their country, for politics, for change in general to occur. In fact, it is because of collective intelligence that more ordinary people, are finding a place, a voice in their society and participating in their government. It is self evident as we observe through news, statistics, and personal experience that general categories such as sex, race and age, can no longer typify and/or measure intellectual contribution Internet Access Statistics.

In the vast reign of business and employment collective intelligence allows us human beings a `Citius, Altius, FortiusĀ“(faster, higher, stronger) world, where transactions between people can happen in seconds rather than long sleepless working hours. Most importantly in the business world, predictions can now be made, with people working together, sharing their information with each other. This creates opportunities not only for business men but also for the modern you and me. Opportunities exist now as jobs for prediction markets for instance in firms like InTrade or BetFair.

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Government and Politics in OUR Real World

This is an issue that has worried citizens for ages as they seek to protect their society from constant vigilance and violations of privacy. Governments offer 'homeland security' and 'school zone security' -- the tangible security each civilian needs to feel at peace. At the same time more and more people are participating more in online communities, yet they are becoming less cautious about security of their data. In 2007, the United States was rated first of 20 countries on the 'Top Internet Users Scale' Internet World Statistics. Clearly, more and more people are finding the internet a place to interact and share their opinions.

As the contributions to online websites, blogs and surveys grows, there is a noticeable increase in the interest people have in giving their opinions in the politics of their communities, cities and countries. There are projects such as "The Eventful Politics Project" where people are encouraged to form and organize lobby groups for their preferred candidate during elections. These projects support sites such as Eventful that encourage communication between people and the presidential candidates themselves. On Eventful people suggest a certain date and event that they would like the candidate to participate in. There is also a helpful sidebar displaying which candidate is in most demand. The site is very well organized and easy to join. Evidently, elections have become events that are much more participatory; more people are invited to voice their demands directly to those whom they wish to see as their president. Recently, there was a YouTube debate where people sent in their videos with questions and comments directed to one or all of the presidential candidates. Though the presidential candidates and the debate host were present on the set, videos were chosen to represent questions from people from all over the United States. This interaction is an example of collective intelligence. Media managers such as journalists, tv hosts and news producers were aware of the high-use of YouTube and its popularity among people of all ages and chose to use this as a form of including the general public in important discussions of how the government is being run and how they wished it to be changed.

Many people are commenting that the 2008 elections in the United States are most impressive, not only because of the characteristics of the candidates, but also of those of the voters. This election has been able to stir up interest in many adolescents and young voters all around the country. While the youth may not be able to influence change on the election process through voting, many have found ways to voice their preference on who should be the next president through groups and icons on their online networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Marie Claire Magazine comments that Barack Obama leads the race in the number of MySpace friends, with 191,241 (Hillary Clinton is next, with 146,504). For other fun facts on politics look at Interesting Election Facts.

There is a contrast between actual vocalization of opinions on politics and the online battles people are fighting against the government through blogs and political websites. In the first picture below we see an example of a protest against police control. Signs are posted on cars and people are present for the protest. Nowadays however, as the second picture below shows, it is more common to see people making blogs and commenting on articles. Here they enhance their arguments with exclamation points and write in caps lock to show their rage. Frequently used blog spaces include the New York Times Website (Blogging About Politics) and other young enterprises such as ETALKINGHEAD, an online political magazine that has blog spaces on its website (Blog Directory). See CNN Political Ticker-Comments for political commenting.

Sqatters protesting in Amsterdam, April 2008



The YouTube debate was a great example of where politics in the United States is, in regards to participation of the general public. Though this shows an increase in the participatory aspect of communicating politics and opinions on government today, in the future it would be even more convenient if more people from all over the world could be present to participate in events such as elections, debates, press conferences, U.N. meetings and State of the Union Address. I predict that more people will virtually participate in debates and other civic events and be able to talk to one another. People will be connected to the event through video Skype conferences as the event will be connected through Skype. People who tune in to the event will be at an open skype conference and will be able to speak to each other about what is going on in the conference. People will do this through their cell phones and other portable devices, using mobile broadband and bluetooth. Others could use their internal microphone in their computer and headset. Communication will be facilitated and give people a place to immediately express and discuss ideas with a diverse group of people but will allow a stronger basis for interaction between people from all over the world.

A Video by Maria U. discusses the convenience of collective intelligence in our modern world Video

Employment (Business)

All companies all over the world spend millions of dollars on property or business reputation. They conduct background investigations because they believe today's hiring choices can be a critical predictor of tomorrow's business success or failure. This is a really big issues in almost every company today.
Background investigations provide employers the information they need to make the best possible hiring choices. Information research services are also available for employers who conduct employment investigations in-house. Design programs to meet the specific risks and requirements of individual employers and will work with companies to correlate the level of background research to the level of authority and responsibility required for the job. This allow them to control costs while maintaining sufficient screening standards.
Also, one can easily predict that in order to encourage mass consumption businesses that are very product based will have their own sort of "genius bars" if you will, if they do not already, that actually assist a customer/consumer with that product any day/every day that it should be needed. For example, when an "Apple" product does not work, the specialists at theapple-logo1.jpg store assist the consumer. However, using collective intelligence, not only one person will be doing all of the assisting, rather it will be a culmination of assistance. This can lead to many advantages such as, that now there is no more a need to wait on the phone until the voiceover helps you, but instead in the same time get just as reliable source through the net. Furthermore not only can collective intelligence involve your opinion into the wider world but will also allow you to choose, who can give you the best solution to your "Apple" problem.

Due to such expectations, consumers now through own experiences in this new world after Web 2.0 feel that they are getting more and more influenced in the way they act through the business world. This is due to the numerous new ways that allow businesses to collaborate outside the meeting room and beyond their social circles by simple networking, such as blogs, wikis, Myspace and so on. From another side this could mean that people outside the corporate world now have the opportunity to do just as well through collective intelligence.

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