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Computing in Three Dimensions -

Impact on Science, the Environment, and Health




VRVis stands for Virtual Reality Visualisation. As the name suggests, this is a research centre that works on virtual reality producs for different purposes, which vary from business and economical models to engineering and health simulations. In this section you will see how the technology developed in 3D environments are being used for real live scientific researches.

The following examples, from the Research Area 3: Scientific Visualization , show how this type of visualisation is used to model the stress in a particular mechanism, in this case a cranckshaft.



With this 3D visualisation scientists and engineers can investigate the behaviour of a machine,not just from the outside but also from the inside. This helps them to find out possible weak spots in the mechanism and places which are under the greatest stress. What is so important about this type of technological research is that a real prototype does not have to be constructed in order to do these investigations and often it is even harder to obtain results at such a deep level with the real product. The key in the efficiency is that with a 3D environment many environmental factors and variables in an experiment can be kept under control and more accurate and precise results can be obtained.

The example below shows a wind flow simulation.It is significant for aircraft industry as it can be used to improve the geometry specifications of an airplane in order to enhance better flying abilities. It is a very helpful visualising aid for engineers so they can design efficient aircraft vessels and test them in a 3D environment before constructing a real prototype.

Magnetic Polar Flip-Flops Models in 3D. Scientists are trying to predict if the Earth's magnetic field will flip

The Environment

3D Reconstruction of a bullet path Used to discover how someone actually died

Building Chemicals in 3D. Scientific concepts are put into application and unified via 3D imaging


Three Dimensional Visualization in Health

VRVis also specializes in making solutions in the area of medical visualization. The importance of it is that it allows doctors to look at a certain problem with a more interactive model. As well as being accurate and precise, these models make it easier for doctors to investigate the problem. Sometimes virtual reality simulations can show certain aspects to a doctor that can not be as easilly spotted by using other traditional methods (CT MRI scan) and as a visual aid they are useful in analysing the problem and planning a surgery.

The example below shows the bone structure of a hand. With this visual interpretaion doctors can easily spot the injury on the bone. If a bone, a part of a bone or even a whole joint must be replaced doctors need an accurate model so they can find the optimal parameters needed to reconstruct the injured section.

Iso-surface rendering of a CT scan of a human hand

Brain surgeries are widely known as one of the most vital ones, where precission and accuracy play an important role in the planning of such interventions. Therefore doctors need models based on which they can plan the operation and latter on refer to. It is also can be very useful in training surgeons without having them to operate ona real patient.

Training for neurosurgery operations

Images of a brain tumor


VRH (Virtual Reality Hypnosis). They are being hypnotized by certified hypnotist to help them deal with their problems after watching a 20 minute video. After being hypnotized they are less likely to have the same problem anymore.

3D Reconstruction of Human Organs China

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VRVis - Centre for virtual reality and visualisation research

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