3D computing

Computing in Three Dimensions -

Impact on Government, Politics and Employment


3D computing can help the government a lot. A good example would be if a congressman was sick he could go into second life and listen to an important meeting he or she may be missing. Or an option could be just do the meeting from home and just meet in second life.

Three dimensional environments are being used throughout many organizations. From the US Congress to the smallest group or organization in the world.


Government and Politics

external image warner.jpgComputing in 3D can be very important for the government because you could preview situations in a presidential debate, or a press conference. Businesses can use it to look at things like upcoming meetings or adds they might have coming up. Of course it won’t be deadly accurate, but it could give you a preview of what’s to come.

Computers and electronic data processing are a very important technological innovation in the operations of governments, business and organizations. Computers and Politics show the related politics by using data collected in local governments. Computers and Politics examine the control and interests served by computers in local governments especially in America.

Looking mainly at questions of power and influence, the authors of the book through which i extracted this information shows the impacts of computing on government services and decision making which takes place in the management, the author also provide the managers and officials with an insight and provide guidance for better use of information technology, and also give a theoretical framework as way of showing the effects of technology through the context of computers use by local governments.

The main issues are whether there are benefits being distributed from computing; identifying those benefits with important decisional control over computing; using computer-based information by policy makers; impact of the environment externally on development of the computer package owned by the government; and selective use of computing across urban public services.

In conclusion, computing reinforces the structures of control and biases in the government. The authors' suggested after reading all of this information for us to think about who should control and take care of computer technology in local government and whose interests are they serving.

John Edwards' campaign in Second Life

John Edwards could become the first American presidential candidate to establish store in Second Life by general public's patience. Jerimee Richir's avatar's name was Jose Rote created Edwards' SL headquarters with his own money on the virtual campaign as a volunteer. He communicates with Edwards' campaign, so he can get many information about that campaign without money. He think SL is good place to appeal for many people because people in the SL can be social, so many discourse can be held and anyone can participate to there. SL is place in which voter can communicate with candidates. I think campaign in SL will be common thing in the future, because maybe useing SL people include in the world.

Virtual Capital Building

Stave Nelson is the vice president of an internet_marketing company called Clear Ink. His company created Virtual Capitol Hill at Second Life. He said the reasn why creating the Virtual Capital Building is to promoted bi-partisan civilian debate. We want members of Congress, policymakers, and repoter to join in these ongoing debate. Anyone, anywhere can take part in the democratic process at Virtual Capital Hill.

Many members who have hope will use SL. They will maybe expand the interest things and join in Congress.
Nancy Scola is aformar aide to Rap, and she thinks people are from all over the world can use SL, so they can talk to each other without relation of distance.

I suppose anyone can visit Virtual Capital Building, so it is good.

Employment (Business)

There are sub-issues concerning the impact of computers on employment, the main of which are:Dealing with users Ethical dilemma Impact on the greater society in general, people are scared and don’t trust change. Change that contains new and hard to deal with technology put people under a lot of stress, especially older and not well educated workers.

They live in fear of losing their jobs, of not knowing how to control machines, and often of becoming useless. Analysts for systems, software engineers, and system designers need to taken into consideration these fears and need to address these worries, fear and concerns the employees have in a direct, honest and forthright manner, so that the new system will have the knowledge of these workers and will be used to take into consideration their individual worth.

A major reason that management supports the idea of technology to be used is to improve productivity, which means in many cases the elimination of jobs and therefore people lose their jobs. The designer of the new system can feel torn between what they are obliged to do for their employer which is to meet all the specifications of the project, but at the same time the obligations that they have to fellow co-workers and to the societies needs.

Problems can take place in this type of situation which either will result in jobs being lost or the need for workers with different skills than that which the present work force have. But also take into account the impact that technology will have on the work place and on the society.

If you have 3d computing in the emplyoment field then you could have business interviews in second life. That way you could apply for a job and give your interviev from your house in second life.

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