Computing in Three Dimensions -

Impact on Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure

This image was created by Gilles Tran with POV-Ray 3.6 using 3D graphics.


"A picture that has or appears to have height, width and depth is three-dimensional (or 3-D). A picture that has height and width but no depth is two-dimensional (or 2-D)." (1) Everyday, we see images that use either of these ways to tell us something. From the sign on a toilet door (a simple 2-D image for quick recognision) to portraits of people using 3D imagery so defined it is impossible to mistake the figure, both of these techniques are great for getting a message accross. While "2-D graphics are good at communicating something simple, very quickly, 3-D graphics tell a more complicated story, but have to carry much more information to do it." (2)
Up until recent years however, 3D created imagery was a rather rare thing; one only saw such creation in huge block-buster movies which could afford the time-comsuming (and rather expensive) graphics. Now, as graphics become more widely available and less costly, it is starting to shape sertain aspects of lives in ways we could never imagined. Arists are using this new techinque to create even more realistic images than before. The entertainment business (not only huge productions, but local projects) is starting to invest in making movies and games solely via the use of 3D graphics, when it used to be only used for special scenes and events. Because of these changes, the way people are spending leisure time is changing too; we may soon see a larger amount of people playing video games and going to see movies and the like than ever before.


The recent accessibility CGI (computer generated imagery) software has allowed artists of any kind to create fine art on their own computer at home. Using a wide range of products, such as LightWave 3D and Maya, people can produce images that cannot be created via the use of any other technology. This is a fairly recent development, and has been influenced the use of such graphics in films and animations.
Many of these artists leading the way with graphic design display their work in galleries online, and one can often buy prints of their work by sending an order form in an e-mail. One such site is 3D Artists, where many different people from around the world upload and post their work for all to view. These images have been beautifully done down to the last detail, and are only a small selection of what people are now creating with 3D graphics on their computers.

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Do you know what Drive-In Theaters are? They started in the 1930’s, and were the place to go to for people back then. Of course the movies were silent movies. Imagine that today, and imagine the movies we watch today. Technology is booming and the new age movies are in dimensions that people in the 30’s would never have imagined. Today we have IMAX theaters for 3D movies. It is amazing how far we have come in the movie business. Another amazing entertainment feat that we have accomplished with 3D is gaming. All our gaming systems like the PS3 and Xbox 360 have enhanced our gaming experience. Our games today are so much more realistic than older ones. In the future, instead of using controls hooked up to your TV, the entire room that you’re standing in could be the TV and you are the controls. This would allow a complete interaction in games and totally redefine our gaming experience.


3D graphics, much like in entertainment, are completely changing how people spend their free time. Movies and games created with graphics are attracting all kinds of generations to the screens in which they're shown, as they draw on all sorts of themes that people find interesting. Also the multitude of colours, and the near-realistic shapes and designs are mind-blowing to those who have never experienced anything like it before. Thus, more people are spending their time playing games and view content on their screens than before.
In the future, as the world becomes to rely more on electronics, the amount of people using products that have been created with 3D graphics will very likely increase. However, this may in fact cause serious problems. There are signs now which show what may become huge issues in the near future. For example, many are worried that the lack of movement involved with most of the activities using 3D graphics will increase the levels of obesity, as people will spend more time doing sedentary activities instead of sport, etc.

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