Horizon Project 2008 Awards

The following awards were delivered at the -

Horizon Project 2008 Awards Ceremony

on Monday June 9
Recording of Elluminate session

Multimedia Meta-Awards

As a culmination to the project we invited guest meta-judge, Terry Freedman, to determine the best multimedia works overall from the 13 topic winners in each group.

Terry says: "It has been a great privilege to be asked to judge these videos. All of them were a pleasure to watch, and if some of my comments make me seem a little over-critical, it was in order to (a) help me decide on the top 3 and (b) to help you to know what was good and why, and what could be improved, and why. If you would like some insight into how I carried out my judgements, please read this article. For detailed comments on these and the other videos, please visit the relevant Ning page."

Here are the top multimedia artifacts for the Horizon Project 2008 -

First place

Games as a Pedagogical Platform by Assistant Project Manager: Josh D (GHS) - Youtube, Ning

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Second place

Evolution of a Ubiquitous Platform by Project Manager for EUP: Lara K (QA Gr 11) Ning

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Third place

Data Mashups : Data Mashups and Google Earth by Akiko K (KGHS 3Yr) - Ning

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Wiki Awards

Each of the 13 topics included 4 impact sub-groups. These are -
  • A - Education
  • B - Government, Politics and Employment
  • C - Arts, Entertainment and Leisure
  • D - Science and Health
For each topic, classroom teachers as a team have determined the best sub-group wiki based on the Wiki Construction Rubric.

Here are the final awards for each topic -

#1 Grassroots Video:

  • GRV Wiki B (Impact on government, politics and employment) - Linda I. (BSGE Gr11), Heidi Y (GHS), Yume A (KGHS 3Yr), Daniel B (GBA)

#2 Collaboration Webs:

  • CWeb Wiki C (Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure) - Kyle A. (GBA), Kylie B (GHS), Yuka K (KGHS 3Yr)

#3 Mobile Broadband:

  • MBB Wiki A (Impact on education) -Taylor M. (BSGE Gr11), Alberto S. (ASB), Andreas P (VIS), Karin G. (PLC)

#4 Data Mashups:

  • DM Wiki B (Impact on government, politics and employment) - Anita S. (BSGE, Gr11), Jiu L. (PLC), Akiko K (KGHS 3Yr), Gracie S (WHS)

#5 Collective Intelligence:

  • CInt Wiki B (Impact on government, politics and employment) - Argemira F. (BSGE Gr11), Maria (GHS), Fiona C (VIS)

#6 Social Operating Systems:

  • SOS Wiki C (Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure) - Beartiz E. (ASB), Parisa N, (PLC), Alyssa Z (GBA), Joseph D (1WHS Gr10), Farah Q (QA Gr 11)

#7 Human and Machine Communication:

  • HMC Wiki A (Impact on education) - Forest (GHS), Prince W. (BSGE Gr11), Mariam AT (QA GR11)

#8 Collective Sharing and Generation of Knowledge:

  • CSGK Wiki D (Impact on science and health) - Sumner W (1WHS Gr10), Ari R. (GBA), Maxine S. (PLC)

#9 Games as Pedagogical Platforms:

  • GPP Wiki C (Impact on arts, entertainment and leisure) - Aaron O. (BSGE, Gr11), Tiffany T. (PLC), Toshiaki M (KGHS 3Yr), Ethan B. (GBA), Ghanem AK (QA GR11)

#10 Computing in 3 Dimensions:

  • C3D Wiki B (Impact on government, politics and employment) - Zeena H (QA Gr 10), Andrew A (7WHS Gr10), Kaede (KGHS 2Yr)

#11 Connecting People via the Network:

  • CPN Wiki D (Impact on science and health) - Leire S. (ASB), , Kae F (KGHS 2Yr), Eli K (GBA), Sandra P. (PLC)

#12 Shifting of Content Production to Users:

  • SCPU Wiki B (Impact on government, politics and employment) - Regina P. (PLC), Misa Y (KGHS 3Yr), (Jennifer V. (ASB), Brandon I (GBA), Latifa AT (QA GR11)

#13 Evolution of a Ubiquitous Platform:

  • EUP Wiki A (Impact on education) - Kyndall T (7thWHS Gr10), Itsumi Y (KGHS 3Yr), Mitchell B. (GBA) Becky J (QA GR11)

Multimedia Awards

These awards go to the best multimedia works. Student work will be assessed against two criteria related to the objectives of the Horizon Project. See Rubrics for details. A winner, runner up, third place and honorable mention (if appropriate) has been awarded in each of the 13 major topics.

The following awards for each topic were given by our expert panel of judges.

#1 Grassroots Video -

  • First - 1.A.1 Renea R (GHS) - YouTube, Ning
    • I liked the production quality the simple way that the message is transmitted and the idea of opening up new understandings of what video in education means.
    • You did a good job of using edits and a variety of shots to take advantage of the visual medium to communicate your message.
  • Second - 1.PM Jess N (QA Gr 10) - Ning
    • The use of rapid transitions and engaging music made your video very dynamic and exciting to watch.
    • The video provides a good synthesis in a visual way of the key aspects of GRV in each subgroup.Scrolling text is not totally effective but nevertheless draws the attention of the viewer to the key points. A nice production overall.
  • Third - 1.APM Hilliary J (1WHS - Gr10) - Ning
    • I felt it was a bit long but still captivating. I didn't understand the role of Curtis. Funny and clever but a few more facts and data would have been nice.
    • Gertrude's performance is excellent—convincing and entertaining. You did a good job of using a variety of shots and sequences to convey your message. I would encourage you to use your inter-titles sparingly on future projects as they slow down the action and do not effectively communicate your message in a visual medium.
  • HM - 1.A.3 Sarah Al F (QA Gr10) - Ning
    • Overall a clear and fluid blend of the different components. The medium has provided you with the opportunity to craft a strong and clear tomorrow.

#2 Collaboration Webs -

  • First - 2.B.2 Joshua Z.(BSGE Gr11) - Ning Youtube
    • This video grabs the viewer's attention and gets the message across in a very engaging fashion; I especially appreciate the humour. The examples of collaborative work are real and practical and displayed through a good mix of multimedia techniques. The out-sourced video components add real value to the final product and are integrated seamlessly. A very professional product!
  • Second - 2.C.1 Kylie B (GHS) - Ning, YouTube
    • The video grabbed the viewer's attention through a good mix of screen shots and embedded video clip. I found the narration to be very effective - emphasizing the messages as opposed to reading the captions.
  • Third - 2.PM Michelle L. (BSGE Gr11) - Ning
    • There is so much 'meat' to this video it's hard to know where to start to comment :-) Excellent structure! The opening screens are very visually appealing. I like the quick screen-shots building to the key question - 'What have collaborative webs done for us?' The google docs section is very effective - excellent synthesis of meaning and visual technique! I like the technique of choosing music to speak for you; however I'm not really getting the message from the choice of music. The beat and melody are effective but the lyrics don't add to the content and therefore seem to me to be distracting. I would have preferred a combination of narration and music. This video artifact is an excellent synthesis of the topic. When looking at the rubric I'm inclined to give 5 or 6 points but I can't find the evidence of inclusion of content through collaboration.
  • HM - 2.D.2 Masami M (KGHS 3Yr) - Ning

#3 Mobile Broadband -

  • First - 3.A.1 Taylor M. (BSGE Gr11) - Ning YouTube
    • At the end of the the video I felt I had a clear understanding of what mobile broadband is and how we could use it in Education.
    • I liked how you defined mobile broadband - very clearly and one of the only videos to provide that. The video was also well produced though I wondered who was doing the narration - the credits at the end were really small and nearly impossible to read.
  • Second -
    • Tie 3.C.3 Mana Y (KGHS 3Yr) - Ning
      • Good organization and clear voice narration throughout the video Mana. I also appreciated the organization of the video content with a clear progression of ideas.
    • and 3.C.2 John T. (BSGE Gr11) - Ning
      • I liked the way the video was scripted as a series of interactions between and father and son - seemed very realistic not abstract. The quality of the video was not very clear for me but the message got through nicely: generational differences exist between us and the technologies we reach for when we need to 'find something else to do.'
  • HM - 3PM Dana Al M (QA Gr10) - Ning and 3.D.1 Margot T. (GBA) - Ning

#4 Data Mashups -

  • First - 4.B.3 Akiko K (KGHS 3Yr) - Ning
    • Great job on the screen shots. I liked your choices of the sites that represent mashups. It is clear to me that you fully understand what mashups are as well as their importance. Nice job!
    • Akiko I felt that you made excellent use of imagery and narration to share your ideas. The design and presentation of your video was outstanding. The examples you used were relevant and clear. I felt that you also went beyond the requirements by sharing your thoughts and ideas about ways that mashups could be used in the future. Well done.
  • Second - 4.D.1 Paola C (QA GR 11) - Ning
    • You had nice examples but your special effects on the video itself got in the way. Sometimes it was difficult to read the text because of the special effects. Word to the wise - don't use the effects just because you CAN. Use them when they make sense.
    • Paolo I thought that you showed a very clear understanding of the impact of mash ups on Health. The music that you chose was good as was the images and examples which were relevant and appropriate. I did mark you down (only just a little) because of the animation of text on some sections. They became distracting and were not helpful in getting your message across. However I did think that your video was outstanding and worth a high mark. well done.
  • Third - 4.B.2 Anita S. (BSGE, Gr11) - Ning YouTube
    • I like some of your examples but I didn't feel that I would really know what they were if I hadn't already known. LOVED the music you chose!
    • I thought that you used an interesting way to pass on your information. I was unsure as to whether you had created the narration or whether it was something that you had found. I did however mark you higher because I felt that it was quite effective. I felt that your message was very clear and easily understood(which is a plus). But I would have liked you to explain more specifically how mashups have actually changed the way people understand the political process. I also thought that the very last part of the video (where the voice says that it will read the information to you) was little less relevant to the actual task which was to explain the impact mashups play in politics.
  • HM - 4.B.1 Gracie S (WHS) - Ning and 4.PM Adam P. (BSGE, Gr11) - Ning

#5 Collective Intelligence -

  • First - 5.B.2 Fiona C (VIS) - Ning
    • I thought this student developed the strongest video in the collective intelligence section. Your tech skills and graphics were excellent for your theme but you also developed your content beyond the content given. You had an economy of words yet made your points powerfully. I like the way you projected to the future. Well done.
  • Second - 5.A.2 Iman S (QA GR11) - Ning
    • I enjoyed watching your video and was impressed with your technological skills. You selected excellent graphics to make your points especially the last one with the world on the hands. At times your words were hard to read over the graphics and I wished you had shaded your text box or put the comments on a separate slide. Your words were powerful but were too hard to read. Well done.
  • Third - 5.D.3 Azusa S (KGHS 2Yr) - Ning
    • I liked the use of the example of suicide to show the pros and cons of collective intelligence.
    • You chose a sensitive topic that is hard for people to talk about in person. Your choice of this as an example of a place where collective intelligence could be helpful was excellent. You mostly discussed the web as a place where depressed people could go for information but there are also suicide web sites with interactive assistance. Your violent graphics at the beginning were hard to watch but helped to make your point. You did a strong and effective job of discussing your topic demonstrating strong tech skills. Good work.
  • HM - 5.D.2 Gillian F (1WHS Gr10) - Viddler, Ning

#6 Social Operating Systems -

  • First - 6.D.1 Aaron D (GHS) - Youtube,Ning
    • This is a very polished video Aaron. Your use of zoom on the screen shots from the site works extremely well. The sound quality is excellent with music levels being complementary and not over-powering. It was a pleasure to listen to you narrate as you paced it well and spoke clearly. It was an interesting choice to focus in on one website and I think this worked well. It was good to cover both the more serious and lighter side of the website. I even went and joined the website after watching your video to go and check it out! I had to mark you down as I could not see any inclusion of out-sourced video and you did not include all citations at the end (such as source of the music). Overall I thought this was an excellent video.
  • Second - 6.B.2 Stephanie B (QA Gr 10) - Ning
    • You have obviously put a lot of time into putting this video together. You have neatly summarised some of the major SOS and the impact they have on your topic. You had detailed information and spoke clearly (if a little quickly) when narrating this. It was also great to see your use of out-sourced video and citations at the end of your movie. There were issues with the sound quality throughout the movie. Having music turned on quietly in the background meant that the quality was low and the music was rather distracting. We could also hear clicking noises when you changed to each screen shot. It might have also added impact to your movie if you had used some more transitions or effects. Overall this was very well done - an excellent effort Stephanie.
  • Third - 6.B.1 Sara M (QA GR11) - Ning
    • I thought that this video covered the topic very well and was engaging to watch with good use of special effects over images. It made me think about the impacts of SOS on our society. To answer your final question - I DO have a Facebook and I am already finding that there are issues around my privacy with Facebook. I had to mark it down because I could not see the addition of any out-sourced video and it was not cited at the end. You were also missing other citations for sources that you used. Another thing to be careful of is that the titles you overlay can be read against the background. An excellent video - well done.
  • HM - 6.A.1 Eva G (QA GR11) - video and 6.APM Jehan S. (BSGE Gr11) - Ning

#7 Human and Machine Communication -

  • First - 7.PM Tomohiro M (KGHS 3Yr) - Ning
    • The introduction was eye catching with the words, music and some animation. The first part of the vision had many rapid scene changes that kept the viewer's attention. I had a good laugh when human dancers were compared to the Asimo robots. A good attempt was made at bringing the various topics together in such a way that it made sense. Well done.
  • Second - 7.C.2 Raihan Bin H (QA Gr 10) - Ning
    • Good introduction with scrolling title. A neat idea to start with scrolling words then bring in the background music a few seconds into it. Music seem appropriate. The use of other's vision was seamless (great). The transitions were good in between most scenes and the use of scrolling phrases were appropriate. I had a good laugh when the young lad was playing with his game pad. I hope you felt a good deal of self-satisfaction when you finished this difficult undertaking.
  • Third - 7.A.2 Mariam AT (QA GR11) - Ning
    • Good eye catching introduction with letters going across the screen. Good music to accompany the introduction. Neat use of transitions in between slides and good to focus in on laptops across the different school levels. The word text did not stand out very well and didn't match the colour slide before the word text. You successfully used music with the vision. I hope your received self-satisfaction for completing such a difficult undertaking as this.
  • HM - 7.C.1 Lauren A (GHS) - YouTube, Ning

#8 Collective Sharing and Generation of Knowledge -

  • First - 8.A.1 Adrian L. (BSGE, Gr11) - Youtube Ning
    • This video has a strong statement for society addressing standards for ethical retrieval of information. You have shown how turnitin can be useful in the research process as well as for ethical purposes. What could I find wrong with your video? VERY little...your b/w effects and titles were great some pop on the sound you failed to cite NY Times in the credits but you referenced the bibliography listed on the wiki! As an educator I am proud of this video and can use it to show my high schoolers the importance of collective sharing and generation of new ideas! Good luck and congratulations for receiving my top vote. I am picky! One thing don't run away from the library it is a great social spot as well. I am a teacher-librarian and like to see libraries that rock!!!
  • Second - 8.C.1 Jake K (GHS)- YouTube, Ning
    • This was a superb video and came just shy of being my top choice. You need to do a spell check or have someone else check your work. Receives undiscovered and collective all missed out on correct spelling. Nevertheless this was a wonderful story well-done. I can tell Jake 'rarely late ' put a lot of thought into the creation of this illustrative story! The media was outstanding. If you had only really brought in Mitch's face I would have placed you on the top of my list even with mispellings. I can tell that you have done a lot of discussion with others in Horizon Project 2008. Congratulations to the collaboration of you and Mitch! Well done! Good luck in all your web 2.0 endeavors and future acting!
  • Third - 8.B.1 Sonya S. (BSGE Gr11) - NingYoutube
    • Loved the words of the song...went well with what was portrayed; loved the typing of questions and answers in Google Docs; had an abrupt ending?? I saw a lot of outsourcing of ideas from you from other websites wikis discussion boards and blogs but I could not tell that you outsourced with others in the group.
  • HM - 8.PM Dana El G (QA Gr 10) - Ning and 8.C.2 Mitch B (1WHS Gr10) - Ning

#9 Games as Pedagogical Platforms -

  • First - 9.APM Josh D (GHS) - Youtube, Ning
    • Informative and interesting. Narrative was clear and easy to listen to and worked well with the content. Very good overview of the whole topic. Well done!
  • Second - 9.A.2 Yanni S. (BSGE, Gr11) - Ning YouTube
  • Third - 9.D.3 Shadi G (QA Gr 10) - Ning
  • HM - 9.C.1 Ghanem AK (QA GR11) - Ning

#10 Computing in 3 Dimensions -

  • First - 10.D.2 Vladimir D (VIS) - Ning YouTube
    • I enjoyed your video and found it very informative. I also like that you not only gave information about your topic but you told the viewer why it was important or significant. Two items that affected your score: 1. The sound drops out at the end of the first segment in the middle of the narration. 2. There did not seem to be a collaborative video segment which was required by the rubric. Your video was my top choice for your group. Great job!
  • Second - 10.A.2 Yumi T (KGHS 3Yr) - Ning
    • I enjoyed the video and found the description of how Second Life is used in Japanese education very informative. One thing that hurt your score was the lack of a collaborative video segment that was required by the rubric.
  • Third - 10.B.1 Zeena H (QA Gr 10) - Ning
    • Your video had the feel of a music video. The lyrics in the music worked well with the topic. I would like to have seen images of John Edwards' virtual campaign headquarters when you were talking about it in the narration. There did not appear to be a collaborative video as was required by the rubric. AND - Second Life photography showed creative composition.
  • HM - 10.B.2 Kaede (KGHS 2Yr) - Ning and 10PM Lindsey C (7th WHS) - Ning

#11 Connecting People via the Network -

  • First - 11.PM Kareem J (QA Gr 10) - Ning
    • This video did a better job delivering content on the subtopics than many of the videos specifically in those subtopics. The people you choose to interview were very appropriate and they gave strong responses. I would have liked to have seen more narration from you and not just the type with the typewriter sound -- even though it was well done. Some more variety would have been nice. Overall very well done!
  • Second - 11.A.1 Ren S (GHS) - YouTube
    • You had rich content and information that I enjoyed. I also got a laugh looking back at some of the old machines I used as a kid. Your voice could have been louder and clearer because sometimes it was a bit difficult to hear. I also would have liked you to integrate another clip or two of someone else speaking -- maybe an interview with a teacher about how the network has changed their job and their classroom? Your video was well done and informative. Good job!
    • I liked how you showed the positive and negatives to the electronic medical records.
  • Third - 11.C.2 Desiree M. (BSGE, Gr11) - Ning
  • HM - 11.D.1 Kae F (KGHS 2Yr) - YouTube and 11.A.3 Yasaka L (KGHS 3Yr) - Ning, You Tube

#12 Shifting of Content Production to Users -

  • First - 12.PM Tawney K (QA Gr 10) - youtube ning
    • I liked the mixture of words music and an interview style clip.
  • Second - 12.A.1 AKANE H (KGHS 3Yr) - Ning
    • I would have liked more information on what types of user generated content has been accomplished by students or teachers to create their Second Life world. I don't think that it was explained in a clear manner how Second Life allows us to shift content production to users.
  • Third - 12.D.1 Lucas A. (ASB) - Ning
  • HM - 12.D.2 Danny A. (BSGE Gr11) - Ning

#13 Evolution of a Ubiquitous Platform -

  • First - 13.PM Lara K (QA Gr 11) - Ning
    • Wow! what a great video! I loved the way you took material from the other sections and brought them together. The introduction was very effective with the title and the addition of several slides in sequence. Of course, the music you used was absolutely appropriate. The use of the various transitions added to the impact of the vision as well as using scrolling words to reinforce the vision message and to break the vision into the 'chapters'. Lots and lots and lots of different computing hardware and software had a huge positive impact upon the message stating that computing is everywhere. The use of outsourced material was seamless (great).
  • Second - 13.D.1 Mihoko R (KGHS 2Yr) - Ning
    • This is a well thought out video and relates to the Wiki page strongly. There was a good choice of music which changed and the voice over was very good. Perhaps the music could have been a bit quieter in the background. It was neat to use images that are used in research and I really liked the animation used within a couple of slides. This was a very courageous effort since I am sure I cannot speak Japanese as well as you spoke English. Feel proud of yourself for completing such a difficult task. Well done!
  • Third - 13.B.2 Malorie M. (BSGE Gr11) - Ning YouTube
    • I appreciated the white font colours used at the beginning. It stood out very well. A great intro with fast paced music that went with the fast paced transitions at the beginning of the video. It was a good technique to reinforce the vision at time with text on the screen. The outsourced segment was almost seamless (great) and not noticeable. The screen capture of other websites were good attempts but the quality seemed to have been lost in the video file conversion. The interview that involved role playing was done quite well and the voices help to balance the existing music. The ending was terrific using the hook: "What next..." and then going on to the related website. I wish we could have zoomed in more on that website! Feel proud that you completed this difficult task and produced a rather technically complicated multi-media end product.
  • HM - 13.B.1 Marisa A (GHS) - You Tube Ning

Participating Classrooms

(QA) Qatar Academy Grade 10 Julie Lindsay
(QA GR11) Qatar Academy Grade 11 ITGS Sam Liberto
(PLC) Presbyterian Ladies College Grade 10 John Turner
(ASB) Barcelona American School Grade 10 Rosalind Greehy
(VIS) Vienna International School Gordon Matthewman
(BSGE) Baccalaureate School for Global Education Grade 11 ITGS Madeline Brownstone and Shantanu Saha
(WHS) Westwood Schools Vicki Davis
(GHS) Goodland High School Tanya Gray
(GBA) Glenbrook Academy of International Studies Grade 9 Chris Morgan & Ryan Bretag
(KGHS) Kyoto Gakuen High School Chris and Daniel