Student Reviewers: Lara, Anar, Khalid, Jassim AA, Jassim AJ

Topic Reviewed: Evolution of a Ubiquitous Platform- Education

Criteria-based Feedback:

Criteria Descriptors
Student Reviewer Feedback
Quality of Content

Does the content (writing) make sense?
Yes however, the order of the content may need to be changed.
Can you identify any areas which need clarification?
There needs to be more information about college education and elementary.
Pose three questions that arise from your reading
Could there be more citations in order to make the page seem more reliable?

Look at the Discussion pages of the wiki pages - effective communication?
There is some discussion however all team members need to be involved in order to complete this project together.
Do they need more?
More discussion is definitely needed.
Are they clear in their messages to each other?
The messages to each other are clear however there are not many responses.
Is there a sense of negotiation and collaboration?
There is limited negotiation and collaboration however the page seems to have developed but still needs to be worked on.

Does the work appear to be equally shared?
At first only one member of the group was contributing to the wiki however, recently more members of the group have made contributions but a lot more information still needs to be added.
Does there appear to be any difficulties by one or more members of the team?
Two members of the group are actively involved and the other two members need to make more contributions in order to complete this project.
Presentation - Layout and Design

Amount and relevance of graphics and media - comment on that
There are a few images however, more graphics and other types of media such as videos need to be added.
Maybe add more subtitles in order to make it clear to the reader what each section is about and use a constant font.

Summary of Feedback:

For each of the questions below consider including information about:
  • Content - clarity, quantity
  • Communicaiton - between the students as collaborators
  • Wiki Presentation - design, use of graphics, layout

3 things that are very good about this wiki project.
- A lot of good quality information has been added.
- The group seems to be working well together.
- The images included are relevant.

2 suggestions for improving the wiki page.
- More graphics and media need to be added (such as video).
- Improve the College Education and Elementary section.
- Divide the work among the group so that the project can be completed on time.

1 piece of new knowledge our group has obtained thanks to this wiki page.
- We learned about the epals website which was very interesting.