Wiki Editing Guidelines

As responsible members of your teams you need to be adding meaningful content to the wiki pages. Do not hold back and leave this to others. You are ALL responsible for this. Here are some further guidelines for you:
  1. If the wiki is messed up, fix it immediately -- don't ask -- fix links, spelling, formatting, awkward words, tense agreement, person.
  2. If something belongs in another place-- move it around. IF it is a significant change, make sure you enter a comment in the editing box (this prevents misunderstandings) if it is a huge change -- then leave a comment ON THE WIKI PAGE and on the Discussion tab.
  3. IF something just isn't working out but you're not sure what should be done -- go on the wiki discussion tab and leave a message for the group, asking them what they think. If the message is about the wiki, it should go on the wiki.
  4. When you edit and work, DO NOT edit for 10 minutes and say "OK, now I'll wait for someone else to do their part." That is not how it works.
  5. Work with the time you have and add meaning. Text and multimedia are to be added as is appropriate for each section (pics, embedded video if it is relevant etc).


If your wiki starts to lose focus and become messed up here are the templates that were originally on the page. Sometimes these are deleted too early and the team loses its way. Refer to these for guidance throughout the project.

Main Page Template

Arts, Entertainment and Leisure Template

Education Template

Government, Politics and Employment Template

Science, Health and Environment Template