This page provides the overview and hyperlinks to all of the video requirements for this project.

Video Tutorial #1 - How to Find Current Information about Videos

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Outsourced Clip

A portion of your video MUST come from one of your other partners. During the first week of the project, you will share with your concept group (the small groups) what type of video you would like from someone in the group. If time permits, you may have more than one person submit video for your project but everyone MUST have one.

1 - Request your video by: May 5

Put them on the 'Outsourced Video Clips' wiki page and follow the instructions there.

Video Tutorial #2 How to Request your Video

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2 - Sign up for Video by: May 10th

You must sign up for the video you will be sending by May 10th. Enter this on the Outsourced Video Clips' under the "Video Requested Of" heading. You may not delete another student who is already there. First come first serve.

Video Tutorial #3 - How to Sign up for the Outsourced Video Clip You will Create

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3 - Send video to your partner by: May 12

A - Upload this to the Video Portion of the Ning
B - Paste the hyperlink for your video and the date of upload on the Outsourced Video Clips wiki page.

Video Tutorial #4 - How to send Video to your Partner

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4- Retrieve your video

Prerequisite: Install the Download Helper plug in for firefox (you must use firefox web browser for this to work.)

Video Tutorial #5 -How to Install the Download Helper Add in for Firefox

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A - Go to the Outsourced Video Clips page
B - Click on the hyperlink of your turned in video (which should be pasted under "received video"
C - Right click on the area outside your video and select the name of the video on the page you wish to download (it should be at the bottom of the menu.
D - Save it to your computer where you may find it (Suggestion: Make an hz08 folder)

Video Tutorial #6 - How to download a Video Clip from Ning

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E - Go to and ask your teacher the file type that you will be editing. (Most PC's may edit .avi or .wmv files and most Mac's may edit .mov files.)
F - Select the file you just downloaded and e-mail it TO YOURSELF. Select the proper file type that you need.
G - Go in your e-mail and download the converted copy. You are now ready to edit it in your program.

Video Tutorial #7 - How to convert your downloaded video clip to a format that you may edit in your movie software

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There are five types of videos for this project:
  1. Overview of entire topic -- These are done by the Project Manager (PM) and Assistant Project Manager (APM)
  2. Impact on Education (Group A)
  3. Impact on Government, Politics and Employment (Business) (Group B)
  4. Impact on Arts, Entertainment and Leisure (Group C)
  5. Impact on Science and Health (Group D)

Submission to the Project

All videos must be embedded in the wiki.

  1. Embed on the Video Portion of the Ning.
  2. Post on your main page using the template below, follow the instructions on numbering your video.
  3. Post your video on the Master List of Submitted Videos wiki page for this project.
    If your video is not there, it WILL NOT be judged by your peers or the experts.

Video Template

Copy and paste this below your video on your MAIN wiki page.
Title - Insert the title
Video Number - Add the video number -- See Video Number Instructions
Author - Insert your First name last initial, Country, Year
Contributor(s) - Insert first name last initial, country, year - Item contributed (list all items contributed for the video)
Insert video here. (The embedded video may be from either youtube OR teacher tube, but you should include an alternate link in another location beneath it.)

Alternate link to video: Insert your link from the other location where you've uploaded your video.

Copyright and Citations

Creative Commons

All materials must be creative commons licensed including music, photographs, and other video. This is for your own protection. Great sources of music are the podsafe music network (you must attribute and hyperlink to the source) and the Owl Music Search under the creative commons website. The creative commons website and the WikiMedia Commons are also great sources of creative commons licensed materials. Remember, you must cite all sources of your materials. This includes the hyperlink. (You may choose to use Google Notebook or to track these.)


We are using MLA as our standard citation and services like Citation Machine will help you with this.

Where do credits go?

  1. On the wiki - All citations must be at the bottom of a wiki page under the title of your document or section in order of citation. The heading should say "Citations."
  2. At the end of the film - Additionally, all citations should be in the credits at the end of the film. The credits DO NOT COUNT as part of the length of the final video.

Technical Requirements

Outsourced Clip

Format: See instructions and tutorials above.
Length: 10 seconds -4 minutes or still photographs as requested.
Size: no larger than 30 MB

Final Movie Clip

Format: Any format the site you are posting to can handle: usually .mov, .flv, .wmv,
Audio: You may choose to use Qualcomm Purevoice if you have trouble compression -- it is not as high a quality but you may need this to get the file sizes down. You may make a higher resolution version of the video available for download only by clicking the add file button in the wiki (it looks like a picture.) A lower quality smaller version must be embedded in the wiki. (This keeps page load times down.)
Length: Up to 5 minutes NOT INCLUDING CREDITS
Size: preferably less than 30 MB, MUST NOT BE higher than 40 MB.
License: Your school should determine the license for your work. (At Westwood it is Creative Commons Share Alike Non Commercial Attribution to both the school and the student.)