Every video MUST have a unique video number. Here are the instructions for submitting and claiming your video number.

1. Assign the Number

Create the video numbers in the following format topic #.subgroupletter.order posted.


  • For project manager in Group 1 it would look like this: 1.PM.1
  • Asst project manager: 1.APM.1
  • The second person to post in Group 13 on subgroup B would look like this 13.B.2

2. Post it on the master group page

Insert the video on the Main wiki page for your group/trend. (Note: You may decide to also put it on your subgroup/area of impact page, but it MUST be on the page for your main group.)

3. Post it on the Submitted Videos List

When your video is posted and "live" -- you must add it to our Master List of Submitted Videos wiki page for this project.
If your video is not on the master list, it WILL NOT be judged.


Project managers must make sure sure that no number is repeated and can reassign numbers as required.