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What Should I Be Doing?

Week starting May 18

This is the last official week of the project!
That means ALL videos need to be completed and uploaded to the Ning by Friday May 23. Just a reminder to follow these steps when completing your video:
  • Make sure you have added YOUR name and given credit to contributions at the end of your video
  • Make sure you have used Creative Commons licensing and stated this in the credits of your video
  • Make sure you number your video and embed it on your main team wiki AS WELL AS adding it to the Master list of videos (in the correct format)
  • Continue to EDIT and COMPLETE the wiki page you are collaborating on! This is the week to really do a tidy up of the wiki and get it ready for public viewing. Don't forget to thank you peer review classroom and students if they left comments for you in the discussion tab.
  • Complete your post-project survey before getting out on break.

Week starting May 11

This is the penultimate week of the project! We are in the home stretch...but still a lot of work to do.
  • Outsourced video clips should be completed early in the week. Goodland HS are finishing school this week and need their clips in so they can finish their videos! Please help if you can.
  • YOUR personal video must be started and completed according to your class deadline. The final deadline for uploading to the wiki to be judged is Friday May 23. Follow the video numbering instructions!
  • Peer review is on this week again - This means other classrooms from around the world are reviewing YOUR wiki pages and providing feedback. Please respond to them by leaving thank you messages and also by acting on their recommendations by updating and editing the wiki.
  • Complete your post-project survey before getting out on break.

Week starting May 5

  • Peer review / sounding board feedback! All wikis over the next 2 weeks will have a classroom from another school around the world providing feedback and encouragement for your wiki page development. Links to all reviews can be found on the Sounding Board wiki. You will also have a discussion message left on each team wiki page. You are invited (in fact, expected) to respond and interact with your reviewers, for example, thank them for their comments, ask for clarification if necessary, respond again when you have added more content and ask for further suggestions. This is an excellent opportunity for your team to have some 'outside voices' helping you develop a great wiki page.
  • DEADLINE for requesting outsourced video/multimedia: May 5 (see Project Timeline)
  • Starting your video! You may wish to use screencasting as a technique for creating part of your video. This is where you video what is happening on your computer screen with special software. One application to do this that is FREE Download is called Camstudio. Watch tutorials for this to get started.

Week starting April 28

  • Continue to add content to the wiki and collaborate with team members
  • Plan your multimedia artifact (video) and decide what part of it will be 'outsourced' to other students in your team. Read the Video Specifications wiki for more details. Here is a link to storyboard graph paper that may help with your planning.
  • STOP PRESS: New on Video Specifications wiki - Video series on how to manage ALL video requirements for the project! Watch them NOW
  • Don't forget to add your request to the Outsourced video clips wiki so that we can all see what you need. You have a much greater chance of receiving input by advertising it across the entire project. Also message you immediate team for support as well.
  • DEADLINE for requesting outsourced video/multimedia: May 5 (see Project Timeline)
  • Start to put together your multimedia artifact/communication piece

Week starting April 21

*All students should complete the pre project survey.

Week starting April 14

  • Qatar Academy students are moving into solid wiki work in teams, watching and responding to the Keynote and preparing for their multimedia artifact as per the Video Specifications. All lesson plans/guides are found on our class wiki.
  • Westwood students are beginning to edit the main wiki page(Monday), subwikis (Tuesday), watching and responding to the Keynote and beginning to storyboard for the Multimedia artifact. ( Video Specifications)
  • All schools observe Project Timeline for deadlines: outsourced video requests and delivery of video to partners
  • All schools encourage specific topic and wiki development-based discussion on the discussion tab of each team wiki. Teachers need to see interaction and conversation related specifically to the topic in question. We also need to see cooperation and collaboration occurring re adding content to the wiki pages.

Week starting March 31

  • BSGE students are reading Intro and Chapter 1 of Wikinomics.
  • GHS students are creating audio intro for Ning, getting familiar with wikispaces and delicious by following these plans.

Week starting March 17

Groups Announced! and Horizon Project Ning activity increases
  • Start to make contact with the other members of your group via the Ning.
  • Work out time zones and best forms of communication: is there a chance for synchronous contact as well? MSN? Google Chat? Meebo? Others?
  • You should be recording introductions and uploading them with a blog post introduction to your page on the Ning.

Getting started with Web 2.0 tools for the Horizon Project 2008

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