What is the Horizon Project?

This is the sister project to the Flat Classroom Project. This project will be active between March-June, 2008. During this project, the Horizon 2008 Report will have its trends "student sourced" as students from around the world analyze, compile information, and share their predications based on the report in a "Wikinomics"-style mass collaboration. This project is in the second year with the first project, http://horizonproject.wikispaces.com winning multiple awards and recognition.

What is the Horizon Report?

The official Horizon report was announced at Educause in San Antonio, and is available now for download and the Horizon Project wiki is available for viewing. This report predicts the major technology trends in college education in the next 1-5 years. The report is also available in Informe Horizon 2007 (Spanish) or L'Informe Horizon 2007 (Catalan).

The Trends

In addition to analyzing the MetaTrends of the last 5 years, this report outlines the major emerging technologies for college level education in the next 5 years including: Grassroots Video and Collaboration Webs (one year or less), Mobile Broadband and Data Mashups (2-3 years), and Collective Intelligence and Social Operating Systems (4-5 years).

Tagging Standards

Using del,icio.us , anyone may catalog and send websites for analysis to the students and participants in this project.
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